Split dababase drawback?

I am using Libreoffice base (x64) on Windows 10 with embedded HSQLDB database for now. I have setup a database with tables, queries and forms in order to write invoices and keep control of a stock situation. Not many invoices, say 50-60 per year.

Since I am moving forward with the project, I understand that it is much safer to split the database instead of using the embedded HSQLDB. I also understand that once this has happened the tables might not be able to be altered anymore, is that correct? also, what is the simplest way to move forward from here baring in mind that I would like to keep the work that I have already done (tables, quries, forms etc…). Can I just copy this into the new split database? Please bear in mind that I am a newbie and have limited knowledge although I am learning.
Thanking you in advance for an answer.


Splitting out the data from the Base file can be done for HSQLDB or Firebird. See links in this post → Split data from application. The links for HSQLDB will get you to here → [Wizard] Create a new ‘split’ HSQL 2.x database.

As with any mod such as this, best to copy your Base file before starting. Have converted many files using this. May make a mistake or two the first time through (good reason for backup) but fairly easy process.

As for table editing, with this HSQLDB split the editing is gone. You still can do this through SQL. From menu → Tools-SQL. You can also use a third party tool such as → SQL Workbench/J using a JDBC connector.

There are other advantages to using a split HSQLDB - can use a newer database version and change as needed.

Thank you for your answer @ratslinger, this is great! I did not understand your last sentence a 100%, do you mean that there will be ways to change or update to newer databases once split?

That is correct. You will end up with a folder containing two sub folders. One is driver and contains the hsqldb.jar file which can be changed out with newer versions or back to older in case of problems. :slight_smile:

thank you very much @ratslinger