Split data from application

I am using embedded Firebird as a data store for a Base (6.4.3) application with numerous forms & macros.
When using MSAccess I used to keep the data in one file and the forms, etc, in another, thus making it easy for me to update the application without needing the user’s data; simply sending a new ‘program’ file to overwrite the existing and leaving data intact.

From what I can see, in LO this is referred to as a ‘Split Database’ - I’ve read various posts but nothing is recent and Firebird is rarely mentioned!

How do the experienced LO developers solve the issue of keeping an application updated with the minimum disruption for the end user?


Libre Base has no capability as Access in maintaining separate units. As you noted, there are methods to separate data out of the zipped Base file.

For HSQLDB see link in this post → Splitting odb file in front-end and back-end

For Firebird see → How can I create a portable split embedded/local firebird database in the manner that is done with HSQLDB?

This is exactly what I need, thank you!
I can’t imagine how I missed it when I was searching! Lack of practice, methinks…