Split data into multiple worksheets

Does anyone know how I do something like this (spam-removed) in libreoffice?

Can this be a suggestion to improve the libreoffice? and if the libreoffice could also save every worksheet to multiple files?

Its doable, but for what purpose???
→Data→Filter→Autofilter already exists - without producing many sheets of redunant Data.

Suppose you have a file in “csv”, exported from a database from your website, and you need to distribute that data (separately by zones - in files ou worksheets) to your employees, to make contacts.

I know I can do this using filters:

  • filter zone 1, copy, create new sheet and paste them;
  • filter zone 2, copy, create new sheet and paste them;
  • iden, iden, iden …

But it was better if I was able to convert the data of a particular column and split into worksheets or into files by prefix.

it has 5000 rows so icant filter and copy past. its take too many time. there is mocro code for this but code dosnt work in libra.thaks