Split Database and autovalue

am attempting to split a database and have used the wizard method followed by copying in all tables/forms/reports and macros from old one. On first look everything thing seemed OK but then on one of the forms I noticed the auto value wasn’t working. I’ve looked at the table and it has autovalue set to no. everything is greyed out so I, on the face of it I can not amend it further to correct the problem. I did delete the table and copied it in again to see if at that stage I could correct the problem and, although, I could amend various things setting autovalue to yes was no one of them.


Please see this post → Problem creating an auto-value field in a split database?

OK, I’m following the second part of your answer with the “ALTER TABLE Customers ALTER COLUMN CustomerID SET GENERATED BY DEFAULT AS IDENTITY”

I go into Tools → SQL and I’m getting an error user lacks privilege or object not found: PUBLIC.CUSTOMERS. The capitals are not a mistake. The lower case gets change by the error message.

When using mixed case surround field and table names with quotes:


I’ve put Customers and CustomerID in double quotes and the first part has now been executed.

So is it working for you now?

Apologies I’d sent my previous comment before I’d seen your 1st comment and went away to change all my tables. Yes it does work now so I presume I just tick the tick by the side if the answer. It does raise a few more questions but I’ll out up another question.