Split database crashes using dropbox

When trying to run a previously viable database, I get the message

Create a new database JDBC/HSQL
database engine/Non-embeded data
OPtionally provide a name for
your back-end data files. Note: the
particular name is not important. The
default below will suffice. mydb.
*The connection to the data source “Member_DB_split” could not be
established. USER not found SA .
Check ok.

I hit x in the upper corner of the screen since I did not want to create a new database.

Going to Dropbox I see that in the folder containing my split database the file mydb.script has been renamed mydb.script.new. If I rename mydb.script.new to mydb.script, I can again run my database.

I also sometimes get a mydb.properties and an added mydb.properties.new file in the database folder.

What is going on? This all happens infrequently, and I can’t get a handle on what might cause the problem.

Hey Ralph, I have tried to format your question above to make it a little more readable. Please double check it as there are/were typos in it and also it’s not clear where the end of the ‘message’ was. Good, clear questions are more likely to get a good answer.

Thanks ! The way you reformatted my question makes more sense. The end of the message was “Check OK” Below on the screen there was an input box with OK in it. Other than clicking on OK, my only other option was to exit by clicking on the X in the upper right side of the screen, since I did not want to create a new database and possibly destroy my existing database. The rest of my question I think is clear. What is causing mydb.properties file to be renamed mydb.properties.new.

Finally got around to trying Dropbox with Libre Base. Still have no use for it. This is nothing more than a synced folder. It keeps the computer files & cloud files in sync. Having put the split DB folder in the Dropbox folder, I saw no problem with updates and backups in Dropbox.

Now you main question states crashes but nowhere in the explanation did I see anything about a crash. The situation mentioned indicates not being able to find the proper folders and therefore trying to create a new database. Something must be happening with files being improperly moved as to why this might happen.

If the entire split folder is located and registered in the dropbox synced folder, I can’t see ( nor have I experienced) any problems as such.