Split Database Problem

I am attempting to split a database and have used the wizard method followed by copying in all tables/forms/reports and macros from old one. On first look everything thing seemed OK but when I ran one of the reports that had a Notes field that was a Memo (long char) had a load of weird text in. n closer inspection the memo field is now a CLOB (never come across that before). I thought no worries I’ll just edit it back to the original. So I’ve opened up the table and it won’t allow me to change anything.


Report Builder does not currently handle CLOB fields directly. You can either re-create your table with the field as a large varchar (depends upon your Memo field contents/size) or base your report upon a query where you cast the memo field to a varchar:

Cast("your_clob" as varchar(XXXX)) As "converted"


You can also use SQL to Alter the data type. As always, when trying unfamiliar things, first make a cop for backup.


where XXXX is the size of the field.

This then works in Report Builder.

Yes I think I’m coming to grips with some of the differences here. I actually changed it from a memo field to a text in the unsplit version, deleted the table in the split version and copied it over again. Thanks again for the rapid responses.