Split one Writer document into new separate documents

I have one document and sections of this document need to go to different people. I was thinking if Writer could create separate documents into a folder based on an inserted page break or some other marker it would be ideal. Now I need to copy and paste the sections into new documents and save each document one by one.
I found this for Word → Individual merge letters but I did not read in detail whether it only works on a merged document. My document is one I created from another program not a mail merge.

You can use File > Send > Create Master Document. In the save dialog is a drop-down-list to determine, where the document is split, for example at outline level 1. Using this setting, you will get several documents, each containing one chapter. If you only want this chapter-files, you can throw away the .odm file. But a master document with its child documents might be a general solution for your use case.