Spreadsheet bar graph missing partial last bar

I recently switched over to Libre office from Open Office.
I use a large number of spreadsheets to track any given amount of data.
I also do quite a lot of graphing. The main reason I switched is the image export function of Libre office, which works great.
But what happens now is that the last bar of a bar graph is cut off halfway. With stacked bars, I can be missing one of two of them, since they are narrow when stacked. See examples.

Any suggestions?

Mac Pro
High Sierra
4k monitor with NVIDIA GeForce 980 TI

(Edit: activated screenshots -AK)

@DallasTex, Can you share a file? Pre-delete all compromising data. Press edit below your question, and use the paper clip.

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Add empty rows at both ends of data (row 2 in the next image). Note the On tick marks in the dialog.

image description

Or, change the X axis position value to Between tick marks.

image description

Tested with LibreOffice (x86); OS: Windows 6.1.

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