Spreadsheet does not recognize blank spaces

So i’m trying to make a spreadsheet on libreofice writer (not calc) and everything was going well


The spreadsheet came up like this, i need to align the negative numbers with the positive numbers, and i managed do to that putting a single blank space

But now, days later into writing i noticed that somehow the spreadsheet is not reconizing the blank space, so the numbers became unaligned, how do i fix that?

I was putting a single blank space like this " " at the end of negative number to make up for the minus character, i don’t know why it isn’t reconizing this anymore

the blank space it’s still right there, but the sheet seens to be ignoring it

Try to use a custom defined, and right aligned paragraph style what has a high value of “After” indent:
Indent in a table.odt (13.3 KB)


Don’t use the Table > AutoFormat styles, they will always override your formatting with the AutoFormat Style, that includes trimming spaces at the start and the beginning. As far as I know, the only ways to remove the Autoformat styles also remove the table. Here are some ways:

  • Select the table, click Table > Convert > Table to text. Select the text and click Table > Convert > Text to table
  • Select the table, copy. Click in new paragraph and then click Edit > Paste special > Paste special > Rich text formatting (RTF). Delete the original table
  • Copy to Calc, select and copy from Calc to Writer.

Aligning with spaces will cause problems unless you are using a mono-spaced font; there is always a better way than aligning by space, see @Zizi64 solution

BTW you should change the word “Spreadsheet” to Table

Have you tried with Menu/Table/Number format?