Spreadsheet files with many cell comments

Dear All,

The release notes for LibreOffice 4.2 mention that ‘Cell note storage has been re-worked to use multi_type_vector, in order to improve the performance of import and export of documents containing large number of cell comments.’ Has this change been reverted in a subsequent release? Since the summer of 2016, I’ve been finding that the currently-stable versions of LibreOffice Calc under both Ubuntu and Windows 7 hang indefinitely when I try to open any workbook (in either ods or xlsx format) that includes a large number of cell comments.



Please report the issue, with a sample file.


Thanks, m.a… Unfortunately, I’ve been unable to do exactly as you suggest, because LO hangs while I’m trying to create and save the sample file. But you’ve helped nevertheless: the process of trying to follow your suggestion has enabled me to determine that the trouble I’ve got may be a duplicate of bug #76324, so I’ll carry on seeking solutions in that bug thread.