Spreadsheet Glitch?

I’ve been using a check register spreadsheet for many years. All of a sudden, LibreOffice won’t let me use the arrow key to enter data and move to the next column. This is only in column “C” and it doesn’t happen every time. It seems it will work about 8 times, then the next two times it stops working. I have to click on the cell to get the entered data to fill the cell. I hope this makes sense. Thanks.

More info:

I have O/S El Capitan 10.11.6

I’m pressing right arrow after entering my numerical data, using my keyboard. In some cells, it enters the data as it’s supposed to and moves to the next cell. But, as I explained earlier, this only happens once in a while. I’ll enter my data just fine using the right arrow for about 8 times, and then the next two times it doesn’t work. I’m just keying in numerical data. No cutting, pasting or using the formula bar. I realize I may need to download a newer version of LO, but since it was working fine, I didn’t want to risk messing up my spreadsheet. It’s very important information. Apple says my iMac is too old to get a newer O/S. Thanks.

Leroy, I’m totally using my keyboard. I enter the numbers using the number keys on my keyboard. When the arrow key doesn’t enter the info and move to the next cell like it’s supposed to, I then have to use my mouse to move to the next cell.

You should specify your version of LO and the operating system.


When this happen, if do you press left arrow and/or right arrow, it moves the cursor within the cell? How are you entering data? Pasting, editing, using the Imput Line (aka formula bar)?

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Thanks for the new info. Are you only using the keyboard when this happen? Or are you using touchpad or mouse to change from one cell to other?

May be an issue with your user profile. Take a look at LibreOffice user profile - The Document Foundation Wiki

Not F2 key accidentaly involved in the proccess?

No F2 involvement. I’ll check out the link you sent.

I took a look at the profile link. I don’t think that’s my problem since the arrow key works 80% of the time. There’s no way I’m going to risk damaging my current LO and my important spreadsheet by re-installing anything.

Give a try to ‘Safe Mode’. This will ignore your user profile until you restart LibreOffice.

By the way, your spreadsheet wouldn’t be damaged by re-installing LibreOffice.

Okay, thanks for being so patient with me. Much appreciated.