Spreadsheet infested with validity cells

on 1 spreadsheet in a multi-sheet file most cells are infested with validity drop-down function.
This includes several data ranges. Copy of an empty cell into an infested one will remove drop-down and data.
Using the brush, tickle empty cell, then move it over the infested data cells will alter content of infested cells, data.
Cut, paste only formula, validity dd remains.

I have already asked similar question before, received no answer from GURUs.
May be I found a way:
What does not work: Ctrl+x, Paste special, only formula. Drop remains.
What seems to work:
CTRL-+x cell or range, paste it Edit paste special, only formulas into empty area of sheet.
Check source area. Mine was now empty of drops.
Ctrl+c from deposit and Paste only formulas into previously cut area. DropDown’s gone.

Unresolved: How cells got infested.
If I don’t come back soon to this post I was successful in removing the DROPs using above method.
I might check later whether the the cause of problem has been discovered.
______Edited - replaced invest with infest

I have already asked similar question before


When you copy the format a cell’s format, validity is also copied because it’s part of cell’s format. Maybe was you the infector :).

Select all cells (affected) in the spreadsheet, choose menu Data - Validity… - Criteria tab, for Allow: select All values, and OK.

Tested with LibreOffice (x86); OS: Windows 6.1.

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