Spreadsheet lost... half of it

I use Win8 64bit German and libreoffice with the same language. I created a spreadsheet in Calc and spent many hours collecting data along many days. In this time, I didn’t close the file, I just saved it over and over. Once the OS shut down but the file was successfully recovered. However, today Windows needed to re-start for an update and, when I opened my work again, around the half of it was gone!

I originally saved it as an excel table 97-2003. I tried the solution I found around here for doc documents with the same problem (save a copy of the document as.zip, then open the resulting content.xml file with a text editor) but I just don’t get it. I see only a HTML-like text and can’t find any of the information I was using.

Any help with this problem, please? I’d really hate to spend my Sunday working on this document again.

Thanks in advance.

P.S. I already started working on it again. I made a spreadsheet with over 220 rows and 450 columns. Around the half of the columns were gone with all its data (quantities of items). However, all changes made to the first columns (descriptions of items) after I was done with all work remained. That means that the second half of the columns were gone but all changes made were kept.

You can answer in English or German. Thanks!

If I not wrong, up to Excel 2003 there were a limit of 65536 rows and 256 columns, I think that’s why you lose columns beyond 256.

Calc can manage up to 1024000 rows and 1024 columns. It’s more safe use ods native file format to work and save a copy in excel format when you need to share the file with people that can’t open ods files.

Gracias Mariosv! I think that’s the reason. At the Microsoft Excel’s website can be found this information. I already spent a couple of hours re-capturing the missing information and this time I saved the file as ods.

Nevertheless, I wanted to leave this question here, so that others can learn from it, if necessary.

Cheers :slight_smile:

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Done. Thank you again!