Spreadsheet sort issue for cashbook

Hi am using v4.1.6.2 on win 8
I have made a spread sheet for my cashbook and cannot seem to sort the expences column and then have all the rows sort themselves according so things are not mixed up like date, data (amount), etc.
thanks Libre helpers

When you want to sort a data array by one column and have the other following this sorting, the array must be connected. This means there may not be empty rows of columns in between.

Your data structure is not know thus a very precise advice is difficult. However, there is kind of fall-back possibility.

  • Select the entire data range - empty rows and columns within your data range must be included
  • Menu: Data > sort > select your expense column => sort window opens
  • Select ascending or descending > OK

It is worthwhile to have a look into the free guides: http://www.libreoffice.org/get-help/documentation/

To make sure, that the order of all cells are changed together with the column, which is sorted, I background-color one or two rows completely and this allows me to see if all is correct.