Spreedsheet won't accept 6E5, changes it to ###

I have tried to enter 6E5 in several spaces on my spreadsheet and every time I enter it, it gets changed to ### when I hit my enter key. It has accepted other 3 characters groups without a problem. For some reason it just won’t accept 6E5. I am running an Apple computer with 10.9.5 Mavericks using version Libreoffice. I thought it might be a glitch in Libreoffice.


Sounds like CALC thinks you’re entering a number using scientific notation (if you increase the column width you’ll probably see 6.00E+005). Make sure to format the cell as text (or use an apostrophe before the 6)

Changing the cells to text solved the problem. I would have thought the default would have been text.
Thanks, Al