SQL Query Wizard in Base creates nothing but errors

I am trying to use a fairly simple albeit large-ish (9,600 - 14,000 rows, 2 dozen columns, total object size ~3MB) spreadsheet in Base. Anything I plug into the query wizard, literally anything, any fields, any sort or search or condition reports back SQL query syntax error for every single field selected. Doesn’t say what’s wrong only that every single thing is wrong. The contents of every row are generally text or numerics, one column is a logical test for true-false with 99% of the results in that column being false. Whether I use one column or all of them or anything in between I get the same universal and complete comprehensive failure. Note this is an attempt to connect TO a spreadsheet - and NOT to use a Base file as the input into a spreadsheet. These are spreadsheets in either XLS format or ODS format. Either case there’s only one tab in the spreadsheet.

I am having similar issues, however in my case it seems to be where numerical fields are involved in the query. As far as I can tell the SQL seems valid. Eg: SELECT “Membership”.“Membership No” AS “Membership No”, “Membership”.“Last Name” AS “Last Name” FROM “Membership” “Membership” WHERE (Membership No = 4)
Maybe there is a bug in the SQL engine?

Which version of LO was this with ? Has the problem gone away with a more recent (e.g. the latest) version of LO ? The SQL parser has had known issues in previous releases.