SQL Syntax Error

I have a MS-Access db that I wish to use under LibreOffice Base. Within the db, there is a query that works just fine when using MS-Access - but Base tells me that there is a syntax error in the query.

The code contains some html tags which get stripped out when I send this post to the forum.

Can’t send an attachment since, as a new member, I don’t have sufficient points.

I would be glad to send the .txt file to anyone who wishes to take a look at the code.

I’m unable to find any error in this code - admittedly it is a complicated statement.

Any help greatly appreciated.

G-Jim c):{-

I have found the problem and the solution.

Within the query, I am adding html tags around the fields in a concatenation operation. In MSAcess, the html tags are bounded by the double-quote mark. LO Base requires the single-quote mark instead.