Stable font size when zooming in and out in Libreoffice Calc

I’m using LibreOffice Calc to try and lay out pages to print a miniature book (I’m aware this is a very niche situation). Unfortunately, the font size relative to the cell changes as I zoom in and out, so a lot of the time, I’ll have slightly too many lines of text for a given spreadsheet cell when I’m at 100%, even though it seems like things fit correctly when I’m zoomed in. My overall zoom sizes are also sort of screwy (an A4/letter size page at 100% zoom shows up as about half its “real” size), so working at 100% is not an option. Are there any workarounds, or things I can mess with to keep the words positioned accurately at any zoom?

You would be better advised to use Writer or Draw to layout pages; Calc is not suited to that task. In any event, if you are working near the limit of screen resolution then what you see on screen might not be what you see in print.

I assume you are using a single sheet for many pages so some text will have to be upside down, see Imposition - Wikipedia
You can link frames in Writer for text to overflow to the next “page”

A reference for using Draw, but it is in Portuguese.