Stagnation is not processed when solver is launched from macro?

Hi all! I’m using a NLP DE-PS solver in calc to remotely execute some dynamically generated problems and I’m quite satisfied with the results so far. The only problem is that when I launch the solver from the dialog windows it correctly stops due to stagnation when satisfying the constraint of objective=0, while if I launch the solver via macro (solv = CreateUnoService(“”) ) replicating the same exact setting and scenario the solver works but stagnation is never reached, it doesn’t even seem to be processed at all (setting a very low stagnation limit and/or a very high tolerance has no effect whatsoever). It gets to the correct result, but the stagnation meter doesn’t move and the solver doesn’t stop due to stagnation. This also happens with, and simplifying the problem or removing all settings doesn’t seem to affect it either. Am I missing some implementation or doing something wrong?

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