STANDalone FORMS not working properly...why?

For some reason STANDALONE forms in LibreOffice base are not working as they used to.

You create a Form, save a copy, edit the Data Source, enter DATA, you see it show up in the table, but when you close the FORM the data is LOST…not saved.

I read there is a BUG…when will this be fixes. IT use to WORK well. But not in the LATEST versions. Hello Support

“STANDALONE forms”, is not a term that I’m familiar with. Can you please edit your question above and rephrase this, or somehow further explain what you mean by ‘standalone’. Thanks.

[Tutorial] Standalone Forms / Switchboard

Thank Ratslinger. Amazing the stuff I don’t know.


As you noted this is currently Bug #112458. As of this point it appears no one has offered to work on this task. Fixes are primarily done by volunteers. They are chosen, not assigned. Anyone with the ability can volunteer.

The questions on this Forum are answered typically by other users like yourself. If you have an issue with this bug, please make the comment there.

There is also a comment (#8) on the bug report, that splitting the database will fix the problem of lost data.

The reason I was wanting the “STANDALONE forms” was that it allowed MULTIPLE users to simultaneously use a single database file… So the work around is “SPLITTING the Database” described in Youtube video before we create the STANDALONE form…correct? OR is it after “SPLITTING” the database there is no need to create STANDALONE forms because the default way of creating forms NOW allows for simultaneous use by multiple users…Please clarify. MS ACCESS developers recommend SPLITTING the database

@robaed You don not understand a few key points. Simultaneous access to a database can only be done by using a database server. This can be of many types - HSQLDB, MySQL, PostgreSQL etc. Base or standalone forms are not relevant.

Splitting the database in Base is different than in Access. In Access this is multiple .mdb files sharing a commonality. In Base splitting the database in simply removing the database from the .odb so it it not enclosed in the zipped file. It is still single user.

@robaed, Another way of saying this is that a database is different from LibreOffice base. I use MariaDB for my database. It stores the records and provides a SQL interface. I use LibreOffice base as my front end, or user interface. I ask LObase to ‘connect’ to my MariaDB database using a database name and a password. Other things can also connect to this MariaDB database at the same time. MS Access has a similar ability, but with a few more capabilities, like connecting to multiple databases.

Hey Guys I am going to use the SPLIT Database method you see here.
Will let you know the result… Thanks