StarDesktop does not collect all Frames

The following code is copied from Andrew Pitonyak’s guide. It works but only displays the windows/frames from within LibreOffice. It does not display the web browser and the files windows which are also open in the desktop.

Sub DisplayFrameTitles
  Dim vFrames As Variant            'All of the frames
  Dim vFrame As Variant             'A single frame
  Dim i As Integer                  'Index to enumerate the frames
  Dim s As String                   'Contains the string to print
  vFrames = StarDesktop.getFrames() 'Get all of the frames
  REM getCount() returns the number of contained frames
  REM If there are four frames, then i has the values 1, 2, 3, and 4
  REM the getByIndex(i) method, however, is zero based. This means
  REM that it requires the values 0, 1, 2, and 3
  For i = 1 To vFrames.getCount()
    vFrame = vFrames.getByIndex(i-1)
    s = s & CStr(i-1) & " : " & vFrame.Title & CHR$(10)
  MsgBox s, 0, "Frame Titles"
End Sub

Clearly, I am misunderstanding what the code is meant to achieve. Can someone explain why not all the frames in the desktop are captured and displayed?

StarOffice was prior to LibreOffice & OpenOffice and StarDesktop is referring to the confines of the office suite. The code has nothing to do with items outside of LibreOffice.

Thank you. That makes sense.