Start a list number style at 1

I have found that numbered styles continue number throughout the document. Occassionally this is useful but more often I want to start from one again after one or more ‘other’ style paragraphs:

  1. list item 1
  2. list item 2

Some other para style

1 List item 1 in a new list

How do I do this using the style definition?

Unfortunately, this feature is missing in the style machinery.

In my use case, I would create an initial paragraph style with list property where the counter is forced to 1 and have the Next Style property set to a paragraph style for the running list item. Alas, this is not possible.

Restarting the counter must be done manually:

  • set the cursor in the paragraph which will become the new first item
  • Format>Lists>Restart Numbering

If you later change your mind and want to cancel the restart, Format>Lists>Continue previous numbering.

This is direct formatting indeed, but it is acceptable because it does not interfere with styles (due to the limitation indicated above).

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It’s a shame it isn’t implemented, thank you

I don’t think that any automatic handling of list numbering restart would be really useful - except for the simplest cases. In case of “any intervening style resets list”, it would very often interfere with user’s intention to insert something in the middle of their lists. In case of more sophisticated approach suggested by @ajlittoz, it would still disallow easy re-arranging of the list… in any case, it always involves manual intervention. And given that only simple use cases would be handled by this machinery, and it would confuse inexperienced users who want more interesting lists, this would bring more harm than good…

@mikekaganski: good point, list reordering (which is frequent, at list in my case) would become a nightmare