Start Libreoffice with add-ons enabled?

I’ve installed some add-ons (vibreoffice for example: GitHub - seanyeh/vibreoffice: Vi Mode for LibreOffice/OpenOffice).
This is working great.

My only problem is that at each start of Libreoffice, I need to enable again the addon (via: Tools > Addons > Vibreoffice).

Is there a way to always start LibreOffice with addons enabled?

Thanks a lot in advance!

Once enabled in Tools > Extension manager, an extension remains enabled. If this does not happen, perhaps, there’s a problem about the extension. Report it to the extension developer(s). However, first try to reset your user profile and clean install the extension.

Judging by the documentation, you have to enable this extension every time you start LO (not normal, extensions are enabled by default, so it’s probably intentional ). Note that the extension is still in an early phase of development and may contain bugs. So, be careful.