Start LO as a domain user is very slow ...

Hi guys

Since update 6.0.7 to 6.1.2 (or even other later versions) when I start LO as a local user, it starts immediatly.
When a start as a domain user, it takes 15 seconds the first time I open LO. Once started it’s fast.

When I close and restart LO, it’s the same problem.

We have this with all our test users(+/-10) on 10 different compters (Win7 or Win10), that’s why we stay at version 6.0.7. that starts fast.

Any idea how to resolve this?


Please try finding which file operations are slow (e.g., using ProcMon); or maybe try bibisecting - which could be much better - then file a bug report.


I ran Procmon, file is too big, can’t attach it but no process duration seems to exceed a normal duration, less than 1 …