Start looping presentation from terminal

I’d need to start a looping presentation from the terminal.

I found the --show parameter, but it quits after the slides are done.

How can I start it to loop unlimited and define a time for each slide, all from the terminal?


So, I’ve found a way that theoretically works, but as for now only works on windows for some reason.

I configure the default slideshow settings to auto with a time of 0, so the slides are repeated. Then each slide gets an automatic transmission to the next after x seconds.

After this, the slideshow is started from the terminal with simpress.exe --show slideshow.odp (windows) - which works fine.

Now on raspbian I tried loimpress --show slideshow.odp and libreoffice --impress --show slideshow.odp, which both state that --show doesn’t exist and suggest that I use --help to get the command list.

--help results in segmentation fault… I’m currently updating the system, I hope that helps.