Start page numbers in footer after page 5 of text

How do I make my first 8 pages title pages (no page numbers) and start page numbering (Page 1) on the 9th page using linux mint libre office

I’ve tried some of the suggested but no joy.


this site is designed to provide answers to frequently asked questions. And your question perfectly qualifies for not being asked again but being solved through “Search”.

For which application do you want an answer? You tagged common which requests a solution for Writer, Calc, Impress, Draw and Base. I rule out Math as it is irrelevant.

Answers are different in each component. So if you target one specific app, please retag to remove common and replace it with one of writer, calc, draw, impress or base. Press Enter twice to exit retag mode.

It will be very hard, if not impossible, for anyone to help if you don’t tell us what didn’t work for you. Because we might suggest something that was already suggested and didn’t work for you.

Perhaps I missed the explanation- but having put what I felt were appropriate tags - I was then instructed I must use one of those listed (common, writer, calc, draw, impress or base).
Any chance someone could explain what these tags actually mean?

Also, when I typed into search my topic, I got nothing.

The tags are meant to make life easier for users. I only list questions tagged with Writer, because I’m not much interested in any other module. You can enter tags in the Interesting tags field at the right of the page, then only show interesting tags and you get a list of questions with those tags. So the tag writer will list only questions tagged as writer. Simple as that.

You may want to sign up at the Apache OpenOffice community forum - you can ask about LibreOffice there as well, and the forum allows real conversations unlike this board. You will still have to explain which part(s) of the explanations offered here and there you didn’t understand. We really want to help, but you have to give us a chance.

Another use of tags is automatic alert notification of contributors who monitor them. The benefit for you is interested contributors will answer faster without the need for them to browse the questions.

Like @anon87010807, I monitor writer looking only occasionally on common because I know newcomers mistake this flag with “question liable to commonly occur” instead of “question affecting all components”.