Start screen menu item

Love the new start screen. Thankyou for this wonderful addition.

I’d like to be able to open the start screen again while other docs are open - so I can quickly select other docs.

My observation is with these kind of tools cf Speed Dial on Firefox - users are being trained to visually recognise their docs instead of just by filename - and I think that is useful.

But after opening the first doc using Start screen - the user must then shift back into thinking about filenames again to open any other file.

So you’re effectively asking users to switch cognitive modes - from visual recognition to name recognition - and that is - at least for me - a bit annoying - it slows us down.

Hence I suggest - give users a menu option to open the startscreen at any point - just like Speed Dial in Firefox can be set up to open with every new tab/window.

Thanks for all your efforts!

There’s a request for enhancement on Bugzilla:

Bug 77590 - Make LO’s Start Center thumbnail views available for use from within components.