Startup "Tip of the Day"

I use Writer every day, and never, or hardly ever, use Base / Calc / Draw etc.

But each time I open Writer I get a “Tip of the Day” which often refers to one of the other programs – this of no use to me, and sometimes confusing.

How can I restrict the “Tip of the Day” when I open Writer, to tips that relate to Writer?


there seems to be an open feature request for this

So the answer to your question would be:

No, the tip of the day can currently not be configured to be module specific.

I would advice you add your approves for the bug. It shows the developer that this is an feature of interesst and might change it priority to be included sooner.

Hope that helps.

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Thank you! I was not aware that this was already reported as a bug. But to judge by the long discussion in the comments, it is not going to be fixed anytime soon, so I’ll just switch off the Tip of the Day to avoid any future annoyance!

To me it a very weird “feature”. When you start your car you don’t expect to get a tip telling you how to use your washing-machine!

What i got form the discussion, is that the number of availabe tips is still very small but … not sure if that is still the case.

Also, maybe this side can provide you with some the tips you are looking for:

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