Startup very slow


since version 6 LibreOffice starts very slowly on my Windows machine. When I start office I see the splash screen almost immediately and the progress bar hits 100% quickly. Then I have to wait almost 20 seconds until the splash screen disappears and the application windows appears.
I had this with all versions starting with 6 – currently and also latest daily of 7.0.1.
I initially suspected some network related issues – like querying printer states. But couldn’t monitor any network traffic of interest. I also tried resetting the profile using safe mode.

I’ve seen exactly the same issue. I also tried resetting the user profile to no avail. I agree with his assessment that it must be tied to network issue because when I disconnect from the network, office starts immediately. I was having the problem with 6.3, but only for the 1st time that I opened an office file (after the computer has booted). After upgrading to 7.0.1 the problem occurs each time I open an office file.

Turns out that my problem was linked to a driver of a printer that was no longer being shared from a networked computer. I removed the driver and am getting instantaneous (or close enough) file start times again. Hope that this can help you.

Win 10, both 2004 & 20H2 LO7132/64. Same behaviour on fresh installs. NO printers attached in any way. Brand new install with NO other programs aside from those included with Win 10. I’d like LO to put back the ability to increase RAM usage to launch the bloody thing. It used to be there, worked a treat, now gone and I’m waiting on a quad-core CPU for LO to launch. Hopefully, this is a clearer description.