Status bar doesn't default to on...have to manually open it

Not sure what happened. Up until a week or so ago every time I opened Libre Office Writer, the status bar was there at the bottom. Now I have to manually go into the view option and turn it on. Is there a way, some settings somewhere, that I can have it default to always on when I open writer? I looked through the options but couldn’t seem to find it anywhere.

One obvious thing to try first is to fix any possible Profile corruption:-

How To Fix any User Profile Corruption

Resetting the user profile:-

“If you notice any strange behaviour on LibreOffice, or simply it fails to start, the first thing to try is to reset the user profile.”

  1. Shutdown LO/OO + Quickstarter
  1. Find your user-profile directory
    (enable ‘Show hidden files’)
    (note: 5.x profile location is identical to 4.x)
  2. Rename it
  3. Restart LO/OO

…and try again.

LO/OO is very prone to Profile Corruption. In the absence of an existing profile it is designed to re-create a new, default profile, and that neatly fixes many, many problems.

Note: the Profile is left in place when LO/OO is uninstalled - that is by design. Thus, even a new install may suffer Profile corruption.