Steps 6, 7 and 8 do not show i.e. edit, personalize, save/print on my mail merge wizard. What am I doing wrong or why does my merge not have these steps?

I followed demo from youtube on how to use libre office spreadsheet to create address labels, I converted it to a database, went to New - Labels - filled it all in - hit new document --saw the way it will look on the labels - went to Mail merge wizard and above crucial steps not there. Need help.


There is no steps 6, 7, or 8 in new LO versions (you don’t mention yours).

Since you are printing labels, once you have the new document with the field formatted labels, select print. You will get this message:

image description

Select Yes. Then you will get an opportunity to select specific or all records for the labels. After that selection is the actual printing.

If you want to save this for future use, just do so before selecting print. Regular File->Save. If you need to modify some records before printing without changing the data in the spreadsheet, see this post → edit individual labels in mail merge