Still can't find Java installation

I’m running MacOS 10.11.4 on a 2015 MacBook Air. I just installed JDK 8 (today’s version) and neither LibreOffice 5.1 nor 5.2 can find it. I can find the plug-in manually, but that’s not what LibreOffice needs, right? it needs the full JDK, not just a JRE. What do I need to do to use Base? I’ve restarted after the Java installation, but that did not help. The JRE checkbox in LibreOffice Advanced preference panel is checked, but it does not list any installations of Java in the selection field, but the Oracle Java updater tells me the correct version is installed on this volume. What else can I do?

If knowledge of the Mac equated to the ability for me to walk, I’d be bedridden for the rest of my life.

However I’ll explain best I can about Mac and JDK.

Certain LO functions (including use of Base) require a JRE for running.

There is an Apple/Oracle situation dealing with JRS - see this post. So, JRE is needed for LO but with a Mac, JRS (part of JDK) is needed for confirmation(to OS).

Now, in previous questions regarding JRE & Mac, people installing JDK had no further problem - except one. And after that person re-installed JDK it worked.

In your situation, if you can manually point at the JRE in JDK using the ADD button on the Advanced page, and then it appears in the selection field, you should be OK. If not, remove what you have and try re-installing it.

Also, be sure the JDK is from Oracle.

I had installed JRE. Installing JDK worked.