Stop calc from deleting trailing comma on save

So we get an export that has a comma at the end of each line as a placeholder for an empty column
"Name",,“2020-10-01 00:51:16”,“2020-10-01 00:16:43”,FirstName,LastName,“Address 1”,City,FL,32503,US,“Source: Contest”,“Opt In: AUTO (US)”,

When I open in Libre Office, edit the CSV and save all of the last commas are being delted.

Any way to stop that?


well calc removes (aka. does not save) unnecessary commas.
Otherwise all “empty cells” in a sheet would produce a bunch of commas on save.
The only way to retrain the commas would be to insert data into the last cells.
Even an invisible character should be enought (i.e. a space"or tabs)

You could use a macro to auto add the empty data into the last rows and save the file in one go.

Hope that helps.

… I’d explicitly add a column containing END, # or something like that. Hidden/invisible characters are a nightmare in data processing.

The last column is a notes column, If I put END or # then the notes column will contain that data. And def don’t want that.

@arwvisions Is the “trick” with the space sufficient then?