stop cursor from blinking

I would like to stop the cursor from blinking in linux. To me is a distraction.
Is that possible in libreoffice writer?

Blinking cursor is an additional visual clue for the active window (though I know of some apps which don’t behave as they should and “forget” to disable the cursor when they have not the focus).

This blinking cursor is a property of the widget set used by the app (GTK+, Qt, X11, …). It is usually handled by the window manager and the desktop manager. This is a part of the OS GUI and is controlled outside of LO. If you know how to fiddle with the widget configuration, you may have a try, but I don’t recommend it as you can very easily damage your GUI beyond repair.

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The info about the widget set may be totally correct: I’m not up on that code.

I do know, however, that THE CURSOR blinking is a major interference with my writing concentration.

My free Notetab Light 7.2, when focused and not receiving input, stops blinking the cursor after 5 blinks.

The richtext.pas component, from Delphi development environments, also stop the cursor from blinking after 5 blinks. This appears to be a default property. I would surely appreciate having my main writing tool - LO Writer - support the cessation of a blinking cursor from blinking my mind.