Stop display of error "external file can't be loaded"

Hi everyone,

First of all I tried this on several versions of LibreOffice and this display is always here.
I’m trying to open an .ods file which contains a lot of external links to other ods files.
I can’t find a way to stop the display of the warning “external file can’t be loaded”. Is there any way to prevent this display et let the cell with an error value ? OpenOffice can do it right but for many reasons i’d like to stay on LibO.

Thanks for the help !

You can go to menu Edit → Links to External Files… and Break Link the external file. Cell formulas referencing external data from that file will be replaced with the last cached value, if available and possible.

Well, thanks a lot for start : I didn’t know there was a such menu. It could solve the problem for someone who might have less connections than me (I know, i know, I probably shouldn’t have so much ^^).