Stop multichoice listbox from retracting or closing

LO, Ubuntu 20.04, Firebird DB


I have implemented a multichoice listbox but I find that the list closes with every selection (using control click to select multiple items).

The ideal implementation would leave the listbox open while the user selects whatever they wish and then retracts either by clicking on the dropdown arrow or, as in my case, a separate button that will display the selected items in a text box.

Is this possible? Is there a different sort of control that does offer something like this?

Regards and thanks for your time


No options as you state. Can ask for enhancement → here

If wanted, you can eliminate drop down and make list box taller. Can scroll through items and mark as wanted:

image description

Can scroll through list with mouse.

Thanks yet again @Ratslinger!

That is such a simple and elegant solution that I don’t see the need for an enhancement request.

I appreciate your time very much.