Stop Start Center when closing module

Using LO 4.2, when I start a module of LO directly, say Calc, then close that module, the Start Center appears. Is there a way I can stop the Start Center from starting when closing Calc and the other modules? I have search the Options menus to see if there is anything, but cannot find it.


I am not sure to understand but you can close and exit by FileExit LibreOffice or Ctrl+Q.

LibreOffice prompts whether to save or not each modified document possibly opened.


Sorry about the slow response.

I know how to close the module (Calc for example). My problem is that the StartCenter appears when I do. I mean that main LO screen that shows the modules down the left pane with recently used files in the main part of the window. I believe that is called the StartCenter. If not, please forgive my terminology. Whatever that screen is called, I would like to stop it from appearing after I close the module. Is there a way to do that?

Well… Yes, it is called Start Center and yes you can avoid it to appear : as I said close the module with FileExit LibreOffice or Ctrl+Q.