Store base images external (not in database)

Hi all
I’m creating a database with base, and want one image/entry.

first I added “normal”, by adding it to image(longvarbinary), but I realized after a few images that it would create an enormous database. so my question is;

Can you (without to much hassle) “link” to the image files without adding them into the database?

they also need to be present on the report for printout…

I’m pretty new at this, so any help is appreciated…

Store the file names in a text column. Any paths are relative to the path of the database document. A form’s picture control linked to a text column will resolve the text and display the picture. A double-click will open a file picker dialog.

Two hints for this:

  • Save all pictures in a folder in the same directory as the database file. Will be better for moving the database from one system to another.

  • You could link pictures with the form control, but you could also link every file you want (*.pdf will show the first page of the *.pdf-file).

Yeay! it worked!
that’s great!, thx for the tips!