StoreToURL to an actual http Url

Hi everyone :),

I have a Django web server that has to have a Libreoffice Calc doing a job in the Background to calculate statistics (yea I know, weird stuff but that Calc table just got too huge to recreate in python at the moment) and libreoffice should be put in it’s own docker to which I do not have ssh access at the moment, so I now have two servers, one Libreoffice, one my web server and I would like to avoid having to scp my file back. I have no problem connecting to the libreoffice api on the remote server using uno and loading the File from the web server, there are multiple http requests when libreoffice visits the web page that I just answer by sending out the file, at some point libreoffice stops complaining and loads the file. however, now I also want to save the file, so I put in my store_to url from my webserver and debugging it I can see some http requests coming in but none seem to make any sense, none seem to have the file attached, no matter how I try and fail to answer those http requests, the File seems to not be sent and Libreoffice fails with an IOException as expected from the docs: LibreOffice: XStorable Interface Reference so my question would be: what is Libreoffice expecting as answers to these http requests?

Gerrit Großkopf

… can you “saveAs” to that http url from a running LO ?

In your macro, maybe adding an InteractionHandler gives more info, see java - XStorable storeToURL and WebDav - Stack Overflow