Strange bug? Spaces appearing after cursor, cursor stays in place.

Several of us on our team are using LO 6.3.4 on MacOS (Mojave). We’ve continued to encounter strange behavior when trying to edit existing text.

Every so often when I want to edit an an existing sentence, I’ll click where I want to edit to place the cursor, then I’ll hit space, and start typing to insert a word or two. The spaces do not insert correctly – they are added after the cursor, and the cursor stays in place. If I hit the space bar again, it adds another space after the cursor. Sometimes I can temporarily fix the problem by moving the cursor – clicking elsewhere or using the arrow keys to leave and come back. Sometimes that fixes the problem for a bit, sometimes it doesn’t. It makes typing frustrating, and editing an existing document a very slow task.

Has anyone else experienced something like this? Is there a way to fix this? It makes LO almost unusable for daily work.


kris_lo, I had this exact same problem too and it was driving me crazy. Turns out, it’s related to the “Track Changes” feature in LibreOffice, which appears to have a bug. Whenever you do a track change, it gets recorded so that there is an “old track” and “new track” section, so LibreOffice can display it properly. However, when you put your cursor at the boundary of this track change… it goes crazy and doesn’t work properly, vomiting spaces out past it. it’s incredibly annoying.

To work around this, go to Edit → Track Changes → Manage, and hit “Accept all”. This will get rid of any exist track changes that are being invisibly stored for you and causing this issue. As soon as you’ve done that, go to Edit → Track Changes → Record and make sure it’s toggled to off. This is stored on a per-document basis, so you might have to check it often.

Hopefully you don’t actually need the Track Changes feature. If so… you’re going to have to hope for a bug fix, or live with the pain.

I have this same issue and, unfortunately, rely heavily on track changes for my job. Hope to see a bug fix in the future.

Same bug here, wishing for a patch! :slight_smile:

Any progress by people who know how to submit bug fix requests? This is a really crazy one. Not using Track Changes is absurd for a text editor.I
I find it can be fixed by saving the document; after that it will behave normally. But it’s still an interruption of workflow that really shouldn’t be there.

I too am a professional editor and this is driving me crazy. It started a few updates ago…can’t remember which. Does anyone who programs LO read this - or can someone PLEASE submit some formal ‘bug report’. I can do what I need to do, but it takes 2x as long and 2-3x the number of keystrokes and mouse movements/clicks. I can NOT turn off ‘track changes’ as my clients must see what I edited - as must I sometimes! I do NOT find that saving the document [it is on autosave anyway] changes anything, either. I’m currently editing a 150 page document badly in need of tens of thousands of small corrections, and I am going insane. Don’t force me to go to Windows just to do proper editing. MS-Word never makes these kinds of amaterish mistakes. This didn’t happen in the past, or I long ago would have abandoned LO-Word. Someone please fix this!!! There are other posts [I didn’t take the URL] with several complaining about the exact same phenomenon, and the person answering seemed to be representing LO - but they always mis-interpreted the problem, so gave a solution to another problem and NEVER to this one, despite more and more persons typing that they were NOT answering the problem presented and NOT helping yet another person who has noticed this. This must effect EVERYONE with a newer version of LO!! I can’t believe those that program it don’t use it themselves and notice this…this is NOT trivial at all. Any change that is not a new sentence or a new paragraph with show this bug. Another bug that may or may not be related is that ‘check spelling’ sees both the old word replaced and the new word replacing it, as it tries and fails to offer its suggested spelling - now more than 85% wrong. This version is really in need of HELP! PLEASE! I like using Ubuntu, but recently LO is making it difficult. Some of us make a living doing editing, and I can’t run MS-Word within Ubuntu, or I would.

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