Strange dots appear instead of spaces and paragraph symbols appear

I’m having an extremely bizzare issue where instead of seeing spaces when I type spaces, I instead see a dot appear every time I type a space character in libreoffice. There is also what looks like a backwards paragraph symbol after each new line. The libreoffice menu bar is complicated and I can not navigate to any settings which might fix the issue. I can not upload an image to demonstrate what I’m talking about because this is my first post, so I hope that my description was appropriate. I would appreciate any advice pertaining to how to fix the issue. Thanks in advance.

You have Nonprinting Characters turned on. (It’s the icon that looks a bit like a backwards letter P.) As the name indicates, they will not appear on your printed copy – but it is helpful to see them when one is trying to figure out why some text is positioned in a certain spot. I consider Nonprinting Characters to be my friends! (To turn them off, just click the icon – or use View > Nonprinting Characters.)

Hope this helps!