Strange visual behaviors after upgrade to

Upgraded to (via NetBSD pkgsrc, if it matters). Observing several visual changes that are not pleasant!

  1. No scroll bars for documents. Instead of a scrollbar and thumb, there’s just an area (boundaries of which are not visible!) where you can click, and clicking transports you to that point in the document. No more “click above thumb” to page up, or “click below thumb” to page down, or dragging of thumb. There is no thumb!

  2. Menu backgrounds are very pale (light in color) and boundaries/borders are nearly invisible.

  3. On the “Format Cells” dialog, there are no borders between tabs, and no indication of which tab is active. similarly, the OK, Cancel, and Reset buttons have no outlines/borders and are the same color as the box.

  4. On a spreadsheet, the Font selection box and Font Size box are the same color as the background portion of the menu bar. Additionally, neither one has a pull-down menu (so you can no longer get a list of fonts,you have to type the whole name!)

  5. Not sure about this one, but the Menu bar seems to be using a smaller font-size than before.

One additional problem area, in Calc!

the “Name Box”(where you can enter cell address or name) gets updated every time you move selection to a new cell. but while new pixels get set black, old pixels don’t get cleared, so they just accumulate! You can clear them by selecting the entire box, and only the current location will be displayed. But if you start moving to new cells, the bad behavior recurs.

try reinstalling LO

Updated to without any change. I will be trying 5.3 out soon…

installed 5.3 with no change.

I just upgraded again to version and now I have no scroll bars at all! They aren’t just invisible (or hard to see), they simply don’t exist! Documents in both calc and “word” simply stretch the entire width of the window.

This is almost certainly an issue with one of the many dependent libraries, but which one is responsible for allocating space for (and displaying) the scroll bars?

The Page-Up, Page-Down, and Home buttons all seem to work OK, so navigation is still possible.