Strange y-axis scale in a chart

Hi. I’m doing some charts and I got a really strange one, with the left axis in which the 0 point has been substituted by esponential notation

The data is given by the orange columns on the right

Thank you in advance!

The version of Calc is: Version:
The OS is: Linux Mint 13

  1. Double-click in your image, and then right-click over the Y-axis (the label “Y-axis” should be visible).

  2. Select “Axis format” from the contextual menu.

  3. Go to the “Numbers” tab and de-select (un-check) the option “Format of origin”.

  4. Now you can adjust the value of “Decimals” (e.g. to “2”) under the “Options” section. Click “OK”.

    Click to open a full-resolution version of the image.

Now, as to why the Y axis shows this (very small) number when it should be simply zero, I don’t know. The axis properties are automatically set so the X-axis should be placed at zero, but the graph somehow shows something else.

This is surely a bug, now it is a matter of finding out whether it has been reported already. If not, please file a bug.

Either way, please post a link to any bugs found or filed in a comment below using the format “fdo#123456”.

The problem seems very similar to bug fdo#55960. While the bug description deals with Fill Series in cells I would be unsurprised if the two problems are related.

Can you please provide a link to the file? Which LibreOffice version are you using? Under which OS?

I’ve added version and OS. I can’t upload files because my karma is too low.