Strong lag when adding an image or two to Writer

I get strong lag when adding an image to the Writer. I can however start the program with SAL_USE_VCLPLUGIN=gen libreoffice and the lag is gone, but I’d like to use the newer interface. Any fix?

OS: NAME=“Ubuntu” VERSION=“20.10 (Groovy Gorilla)”

LibreOffice version:

Which GNU/Linux distro/version? which LibreOffice version?

Thanks. Please delete the duplicate at 275753/strong-lag-when-adding-an-image-or-two-to-writer.

Deleted. Sorry. I hope this gets solved though, quite annoying.

… I hope this gets solved though, quite annoying.

If there is no proper bug report, the chances are low to get a fix.

Have you installed the proper widget manager? Ubuntu is GNOME based. So the correct package is libreoffice-gtk3 (Fedora name, may be different under Ubuntu). Check it is there.

@ajlittoz - It’s called libreoffice-gtk3 in Ubuntu as well

@anon73440385 @ajlittoz I’ll take a look but I got libreoffice while installing Kubuntu…

@anon73440385 @ajlittoz I hadn’t had it installed, now I installed the package and the problem still persists. Also, what is a proper bug report, how does one get to one? I’m no expert.

@idk321: you didn’t tell the full story from start: KUbuntu is KDE-based. The right package is libreoffice-kf5. Don’t forget to remove libreoffice-gtk3 to avoid conflicts.

Oh I thought I told that, sorry, I’ll try. I didn’t think it mattered.

@anon73440385 @ajlittoz still lagging, I’m pretty sure I had libreoffice-kf5 from the start.