Style and HTML/CSS parser in Writer - problem with lists style

Hi all,
I am really pleased for the HTML/CSS parser that allow me to open HTML files with style in header and retain much of the styles from CSS classes. The problem is that when I’m opening a file with a UL style class the UL class is totally ignored and no style is applied, not the paragraph style, nor the list style.
In my example I do have a list that has a class <ul class="list"> but when opened in Writer all I see is a list with default paragraph style and no list style.
With headers and paragraphs I can easily see the stylename.class styles, and character styles are applied too, but nothing works with lists. I would love to have either a list style applied, or at list a paragraph.class style.
I tried the opposite way, to create a document with a styled list and export it as html, but no class is defined in the html file for the list when exporting, so maybe there is something that can be added here.
Thank you everybody for the great tool, I am not sure how many people need to parse html in styled documents, but it works so well I don’t even feel the need to pay for a java parser.
If you could point me to the code where this parsing is coded I will do my best to suggest how to make it!