Style issue

Hey there, I love to make a new style for my documents to change the font and be able to just use a personal style. However, when I close libra office and turn it back on, the style reverts back to basic and my saved style is erased from memory. How do I keep from losing a saved style? Or edit the default style permanently?

The basic set of styles are more or less “hardcoded” in the LibreOffice core. There are a few defaults you can set where the changes will be persistent, but they are fairly rudimentary. I would not bother with them.

The way to have a new default look for new Writer documents is by

  • Creating a document in Writer with the styles adjusted to your liking
  • Saving this document as a document template
  • Set this saved template file as the default template for new documents

See the help system for a detailed description of the procedure.

Changes to styles are saved inside the current document. The consequences are:

  • if you close without saving, changes are lost
  • changes are “local” to the document so that they do not “pollute” the built-in set and therefore are not generally available for other documents.

You can however use styles defined in another document through an import operation:

  • open the style sidepane (F11)
  • click on the small down pointing triangle at the extreme right of the style toolbar and Load Styles
  • choose the file whose styles you want to clone

A more user-friendly procedure is to create a custom template (or modify the default template, but I don’t recommend it because it will be replaced when LO is updated). See @keme answer.