Styles in Impress

Please forgive the length of this question, but I need a general orientation to styles.

  1. When I go to the LibO Help index, I see:
    Styles and Formatting window > Graphics documents.
    What is a Graphics document?

  2. The Help page describes Presentation Styles and Graphics styles. Specifically which modules (Impress, Draw, Text, etc) are associated with each set of styles?

  3. When the Styles and Formatting window is open and I click on some text in Impress, the associated style can be either Presentation or Graphics (as indicated by the small icons at the top). I notice that both types appear on my Impress slides. How did the objects with “Graphics” styles get there?

  4. It took a long time to figure out how to use the paint bucket to apply styles to selected text. (Just a comment here, not very intuitive.)

  5. I note that the Impress styles have subgroups (Hierarchical, All styles and Hidden styles). Can any of these be applied to selected text in Impress?

  6. Similarly the Graphical styles have subgroups (Hierarchical, All styles, Hidden styles, Applied styles and Custom styles). Are these just ways of grouping all the Graphical styles into subsets? Can all of these styles be applied to Impress? Any tips or suggestions on the purpose of these subgroups or how to use them (not clear to a newbie)?

  7. Basically I want a simple default style I can use in Impress that is not indented style, does not have bullets, etc. Just curious why there is no such style in Impress. Any explanations? Do I have to create one, or do I use a default style from the “Graphics” list?

Would appreciate any help.

(Please note: the way this forum is designed, I need to keep editing this answer to add new information. That explains why this thread is not in chronological order. When I have new information, I will add it to this answer.)

Number 1) I read the user manual and there appears to be a mistake in Impress Help. There is a help section titled: Styles and Formatting window > Graphics documents. However, there is no such thing as Graphics documents, that I have found. See next answer.

Number 2) According to the user manual, Presentation styles and Graphics styles do not map to particular Modules. It is more like this: Presentation styles are related to objects on the Master slide, and Graphics styles are for all other objects. This is a very short and simplistic summary, but it is pretty close. The terminology is confusing because Graphics styles work fine on text objects.

Partial answer to number 3) - When you click on the “T” icon at the bottom, a text field is inserted that has Default style. That is one way the “Graphics” style gets inserted into the presentation.

Number 4) For me, the paint bucket does not work at all. Maybe somebody can explain when it works and when it doesn’t. When I want to apply a style to an object, I usually have to select the object and then double click on the style I want.

More explanations to be posted as I find them.

You could start reading the documentation:

And another partial answer, to number 5): These are, precisely, subgroups; this is just one way to organize them, but all styles are available for you to apply, modify, or use as a base to create your own new styles.