Styles without preview

I’d like to NOT see a simulation of the styles in the combo of Paragraph styles.
I can set Tools > Options > LibreOffice > View > Font Lists > Show preview of fonts: Yes/No
But I can’t see a similar option for Styles.

Sorry if my English is not good enough.

Thanks in advance!

Uncheck the “show preview” option at the bottom of the style editor:

image description

NOTE: I do not remember when this option was introduced, but it is present on 5.3 and later.

Thanks a lot BUT that’s not what I want because it just work for the lateral section “Styles and Formatting” but not for the combo in the toolbox.
Is there another solution?

See if answer to this question fits your needs, but BEWARE! CAUTION! HAZARD! you can mess everything if you change settings without thinking twice.

Hi @ajlittoz, unfortunately no, this corresponds to the preview display in the sidebar…