Subforms in Base

I follow the instructions in Base Handbook BH40 to create a subform and after specifying Master and Slave fields, I try the next instruction: “To create a table control for the main form, we must now select the main form in the Form
Navigator. Then, if the Table Control Wizard is enabled, it will show the fields available in the main
form. We deal with the subform in a similar way.” The Table Control Wizard is enabled, but nothing happens, nothing is displayed. Please advise what I am doing wrong.

What database are you using? Why not use the 5.0 docs? Is correct Java installed for Base (needed for Wizards). See → FAQ


This is not explained well enough in the documentation. At the point where this is stated you have just created a subform under the form. Links are established back to the main form.

Now the next part is to place a Table Control on the Main form. Since you have just added the subform it is selected so you must get back to the main for to place the control. So:

we must now select the main form in the Form Navigator.

Once selected, whatever control placed on the form will be onto the Main form. Here is the missing part.

Now select the Table control from the menu Form->Table Control (currently a bug that it is not on the toolbar) and place on the form (left mouse button hold while dragging to size wanted).

At this point is when the list of fields will pop up.

Ratslinger, many thanks. Although your advice to select the main form before creating a Table control produced a Table based upon the main DB table (doh!), I then selected the subform instead and managed to create an embedded Table control which, after a little adjustment to make it derive its data from the correct table, produced the result I wanted. So, thanks!

Glad you got it working. Main form was stated only because it was the instruction in both your question and the documentation.

I’m happy for the moment, but I might be back! Thanks Ratslinger for your help.