Sublevel numbering before first higher level line

If I have a document with Outline numbering, and all sublevels selected, so I get

1 Level1

1.1 Level2

1.1.1 Level3

1.2 Level2 - 2nd

… no problem

But if I have no higher level line before a lower line, thus:




how should they numbered?

My desire/expectation would be

0.1 Level2 - i.e. at this point the ‘Level 1’ number is zero (numbering not started)

1 Level1 - starts Level 1 numbering. Resets Level 2 numbering

1.0.1 Level3 - with Level2 number zero, as reset but not restarted

1.1 Level2 - Level2 numbering restarted (after reset)

2 Level1 - Resets Level 2 numbering

2.1 Level2 - Restarts Level2 numbering

But it seems the ‘ommited level’ is forced to one; and once caught up (Paragraphs do not instantly renumber), my first Level1 will be numbered 2 - so I have
1.1 Level2
2 Level1

How can I obtain my desired result automatically?

You can change the start number for outline levels to “0” but than, for consistency reasons all sublevels start automatically with “0”

Outline numbering is a well defined hierarchical sequence of numbers whereas you would like to change the hierarchical numbering sequence





This sequence is not hierarchical in the sense of outline numbering. You cannot start with a level 2 without a level 1 before. Thus, it is not supported by LibO.

I am afraid but IMHO you only have the choice to use the correct hierarchical numbering system of LibO or do your personal "not-hierarchical " numbering system manually.